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We provide title insurance and escrow services to residential and commercial customers...

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Title Partners, LLC

Main Office:

17380 N. Laurel Park Drive, Suite 150C

Livonia, MI 48152

Ph: (734) 259-0677
Fax: (734) 468-0807

Troy Office:

1301 W. Long Lake Road Suite 135

Troy, MI 48098

Ph: (248) 918-5552
Fax: (734) 468-0807




Results Team
Vincent N. Lee
Owen V. Lee, Esq.
Kevin Broughton
Cecilia Morelli, MBA
Basia Nowakowski
Michelle Anderson, MBA
Jamie Grassi-Graham
Heather Lee, Esq.
Jaime Grassi-Graham
Echo Kiser, Esq.
Samantha Page, Esq.
Genise Brown
Jason Courtney
Shawn Locke
Renee Smith
Sarah Fierk
Kim Gualdoni
Jamie Masters 


Escrow Officers
Beth Bansberg
Tammy Slappy
Kaylei Stewart
Tenia Harris
Jamie Masters
Closing / Disbursement
Dawn Christensen
Customer Service 
Sarah Stamper